Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hidden BC Fish Protection Act Could Save N.Alouette River

The BC Fish Protection Act could declare the N.Alouette a specially protected or "sensitive" salmon stream which would restrict water use by cranberry farmers, and maintain essential habitat, but it hasn't been put in force by the Liberal Government.
The FPA, or Bill 25, was drafted by the NDP in 1997 to enlist the cooperation of all users in the need to consider salmon runs throughout the province, but has sat on a shelf in Victoria since 2001 when the Campbell Government took office. Regulations in the Act would require farmers to conserve water, meter and monitor its use, repair any damage to streams, and hire consultants to assess any activity planned around the river. This Act needs to be fully implemented, and the N.Alouette needs to receive status as a sensitive river immediately. Look for a link to the full story soon.

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  1. I was correct :) Dead fish and cranberries do share The North Alouette River.

    I'm sad to see dead fish and I'm appalled by the de-regulations and lack of protection in our agriculture, forestry, wildlife and the safety and health of workers and the food we eat.